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Friday, May 25, 2012

Neighborhood Relations

I wonder everyday about the effect I have on my neighbors. Not that these people I don't know past a half hearted -'Hi' mean the world to me, but I never want to be an inconsiderate neighbor. You know, the one that won't cut the grass, comes out of the house half-dressed or the one with all the trash in the front yard.
I have to admit, I'm in one of the worst neighborhoods in the ATL at the moment. And I'm not talking about being on any of the 'scenic' routes the tour buses drive down with a load of (you) visitors. I'm talking about the real world of current day people surviving hard times here everyday.
Last night around ten, as I continued to write in my current series, my attention was interrupted by the loud music playing outside. I mean loud. I stopped writing and stepped out the second floor office window onto the roof (a place I go to look up at the sky). The music is loud like I could understand the lyrics to each song and dance to it if I choose. Looking up the street, I tried to determine which house it was coming from but I couldn't because it was in the next block of houses, so I decided to take a walk.
Casually walking, the music got louder as I passed into the next block. After about ten houses passed I reached the house playing the intrusive sounds, coming from the backside. There were no unusual amount of vehicles parked out front and no random people walking or talking about. There was no party going on! I wasn't shocked, but I was hoping there was a big celebration going down, but it just was blasting music cutting through the air at the twenty-second hour of the day.
I shortly returned to my office and still could hear a popular song by Silk playing and filling the neighborhood. What were these people thinking? Were they thinking at all? Yes, they were - only about themselves! Playing music loud isn't a big issue for most. I hear cars drive by with volumes of music playing which make my ears beg for silence often, but at least they finally drive out of range - a house can't move. When your song comes on and you bump the volume up to feel ever beat/word, that's understandable. But if midnight comes and your song hasn't ended, but you still have club music playing at volume twenty, you are just wrong. I was more than ten houses away and annoyed.
Neighbors, please! Be considerate of us, the one's you really don't know, because I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear my 'ole school' raps bursting through your closed windows as your children are sleep for school and you are winding down from your long day. And if you parents aren't the ones and it's your children you are allowing to do this, you should be ashamed of your lack of parenting. Teach those who would rather not concern themselves the right way in which to go. And for the neighbors whom are sidelined like myself, three words of advice; call the cops!
As a comedian has said, "You better get it together!"

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