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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FACt...The Difference #2

The difference between a dysfunctional and wonderful relationship is:
 Dysfunctional = TRYING / Wonderful = DONE. Don't get hung up or so proud of just TRYING. It's just the beginning of getting things done. As a matter of fact, when you get GOOD at getting things done, you won't even TRY anymore......FACt

My Take: 

Having desires to do and be the best in relationship is a shared feeling for many people. The time spent attempting to fix problems in relationships can easily take over if one doesn't take heed to learning how to resolve issues before they become big problems. Although there is a proven process to this success, many don't have a complete picture of what it really takes. First you have to be willing to learn new things and ways that can help you - this is called growing. This part of the process seems understandable and most will agree with it, but at the same time fail to realize that this will only get them part of the way. The very next important step of trying is where a common problem shows its ugly head and why I put attention here. The reason I do is because some believe that just trying new things they have learned is enough and should be looked at as permanent progress, but I disagree. Thinking that way is why trying leads to dysfunction. Trying is the process that allows one to engage in something new to preview its reaction in their relationship. Under no other situations in life is the mere trying of something new a permanent solution to an issue and this holds true in relationships. One could easily find several things to try, but only choose one because it seems to have the potential to work for them. This is why trying is just a stage and shall be moved on from. Practicing is the next stage and this is where the approved new thing(s) are used and repeated in your relationship to make it better. Over time, your relationship shall respond to the changes you made and this shall bring you to the desired position of why you even started this whole fixing problems thing in the first place; to get it done!

Love is like a hammer, it's strong. Love is like a screwdriver, ready to tighten up whatever's loose. Love is like a carpenter, ready to work out any problem. Put the hammer and screwdriver in the carpenter's hand and let love do it's job in your life...FACt